Men’s Dress Code: The Key Differences Between Formal and Business Casual


Navigating the world of men’s workwear can be tricky. Whether you prefer formal looks or something more relaxed and casual, here are some keys to success:

Men’s formal wear looks should remain clean-cut and understated – no loud prints or saturated colors allowed.

On the other hand, business casuals create an opportunity for you to mix it up a bit; try pairing chinos with a shirt for added comfort. Keeping your look subtle by selecting small prints is also recommended when going this route.

Let these tips guide your styling choices so that you always show up looking sharp at the office.

Office Shirts

For a formal look, go for Relaxed or Slim Fits in Neutrals and Blues. For casual business looks, pick tints to darker shades like green, red, pink, and lavender with tiny motifs on basic colors – they’ll give the perfect finishing touch without overpowering your outfit.

Workwear Trousers

For a professional look, formal trousers in earth tones or dark blue/black is definitely the way to go. They should be narrow-fit and have minimal textures – no pleats necessary. For more comfort with business casual attire, opt for chinos or cotton blends that may feature subtle check patterns. Check out this video if you need help deciding on the right type of pants.

Overlayer Clothing for Work Wear

When dressing formally, you can never go wrong with classic suiting options such as suits, blazers, or waistcoats. Opt for simple woven fabrics like blues and dark hues for formal occasions. For business casual wear, lighter checks and plaids create a chic ensemble when combined with light linen shirts or blazers.

Ties for Work

Looking to spruce up your formal wardrobe? Style Ties come in various colours and prints, from dark hues to light tones, with mixtures or stripes, dots, plaids, and more. You can add personality without compromising on the classic style for casual business looks.

Just make sure the color ties into your overall outfit for added isolation. Check out our video to learn how different knot styles turn an average look into something spectacularly dapper.

Office Dressing Accessories

For the formal look, men can accessorize with simple metal watches and leather belts that match their shoe color. Adding ties, pins, or cufflinks is also a nice touch – just go for those without Swarovski.

If you want to add an extra dimension to your casual business style, consider sporting a sports watch that goes nicely with either more laidback shoes or dressier ones, depending on what kind of statement you wish to make. You could even complete the whole ensemble by rocking some mufflers, suspenders, or scarves – all great ways to express yourself in formal fashion.

Formal Occasions with the Right Footwear

Finding the right formal shoes is important for men to perfect a business-casual look. When selecting footwear, there’s no shortage of options – from leather loafers and Oxfords to plimsolls or color variations – it all depends on what brings your outfit together.

Penry Maxx
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