Advantages of Enclosing Your Shower Area


It is never a good idea to have an open-space shower area in your bathroom. Your bathroom is not just for taking a bath or showering. This is also where you do other things, such as go to the toilet, brush your teeth, do your makeup, and keep your medicines. It is important to keep the bathroom as clean and neat as possible, and you cannot achieve it with an open shower area.

Keeps other areas dry

Who would want to step into a bathroom when the entire floor is wet from the shower? Literally no one. When you enclose your shower with glass panels and seal them so that no water comes out, other areas of the bathroom such as the toilet, sink, and cabinets remain dry. You can step in and out of the bathroom without having to worry about stepping onto the wet floor and getting your feet wet and dirty.

Prevents accidents

Shower cabins and other enclosure types keep water inside, so if you worry about slips and other accidents in the bathroom, they are most suitable for your needs. This is especially important if you have family members with limited or impaired mobility as well as small children. They may not be able to prevent themselves from slipping on the wet floor outside of the shower area.

Prevents the development of mould and mildew

When something is always wet and moist, chances are mould and mildew will develop soon. If your bathroom’s shower does not have an enclosure, you can expect to see growth not only on the shower area but on other areas as well. Enclosing your shower will ensure that the entire bathroom remains dry and there will be no risk of mould.

Keeps the family healthy

Mould and mildew can cause a plethora of illnesses. Suppose you do not keep your bathroom dry and clean. In that case, you will notice that people in the household who use the bathroom will experience respiratory diseases caused by mould and mildew, and may worsen over time if not appropriately addressed. Besides going to the doctor to treat the ailment, it will significantly help to get rid of any growth in the bathroom.

Easier to clean

A shower cabin is easier to clean, as it is small, and the water is confined inside it. You can just wipe it down each time your finish showering. When it comes to the entire bathroom, cleaning a dry space is much easier, especially if you do it often. You only have to use a damp cloth and some mild soap to keep the surfaces clean. There is not much difficulty in keeping a bathroom clean if there is an enclosure for the shower.

If you are renovating your bathroom, seriously consider enclosing your shower area. You may spend on glass panels to put up, but the benefits will surely outweigh the expense. It is also a one-time expense, so you don’t have to keep on spending money for a long time.

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Penry Maxx
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