Are you sure about the facts of vasectomy before opting for it?


Are you someone who is looking for ways in which you can prevent pregnancy? If you are a couple or a guy who is no longer planning for more children, you might want to get a vasectomy done in order to stop the chances of unwanted pregnancy. Vasectomy is 99% effective as a birth control method. Now that you’ve heard about the birth control process vasectomy, are you anxious about the procedure? 

So, before you visit a vasectomy Brooklyn, New York clinic and start speaking with your doctor, try to know about the important facts associated with vasectomy. 

  • One of the most fruitful birth control methods is vasectomy

Among different birth control methods, a vasectomy is probably the most effective one for men. There will be very little risk that a vasectomy will fail. In fact, among 1000 vasectomies done, 11 may fail. Failure usually occurs from getting involved in unprotected sex just after the surgery. It is rare enough that the tubes again connect and an opening is formed that lets the sperm mix again with the semen.

  • It is complicated but possible to reverse a vasectomy

Since vasectomy is a permanent option, it is one of the biggest life decisions. If you consult a urologist, he can certainly reverse the process of vasectomy by again attaching the tubes’ ends. It can be complicated to get a reverse vasectomy fone but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. Reversing a vasectomy is costly and hence you should make a wise decision while doing it so that you don’t have to reverse it later on. 

  • There are benefits and pitfalls of vasectomy

A vasectomy is a birth control process after which you don’t require any other types of birth control methods. Nevertheless, a vasectomy doesn’t offer you protection against STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This is a vital piece of information if you’re someone who is not engaged in a monogamous relationship. Before opting for this method, make sure you speak with your doctor about the risks you may have to face. 

  • It is possible to prepare yourself at home before vasectomy

To prepare yourself for the vasectomy procedure, you have to undress from the waist and wear a surgical gown. In case you forgot to shave your scrotum before arriving, the surgical team will help you do the same. The medical team will wash the place with the help of an antiseptic and give an anesthesia injection. The doctor will, later on, stitch the slight incision and allow it to heal. Once this is done, you will be permitted to return home. 

So, if you’re trying to opt for a vasectomy, have a talk with your family doctor or a public health department where the process can be done locally. Usually, urologists perform these processes in an operation center or in a doctor’s office. The cost of this process can vary from $350 to $1000 and if you have health insurance coverage, it may get you covered. 

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