Gossip Gluttons – The Way We Fell deeply in love with Celebrities


David Beckham’s latest haircut Russell Brand’s latest conquest Paris Hilton’s newest bout of bad conduct – you can’t really switch on the television or open a paper without having to be bombarded by rumours, hearsay and also the periodic fact about celebrities. Why will we have this type of passion for fame, enough where we are interested in the lives of others than our very own buddies and family?

Tales that will well be of no interest to all of us appear to defend myself against massive importance when the subject material is really a pop-star or famous actor “John Smith’s New Lover” does not raise much interest, but substitute “John Cruz” for Jennifer Aniston or George Clooney and all of a sudden it is a first page report that everyone really wants to read.

A primary reason for the romance with celebrities is the fact that we almost always see their lives to become more intriguing and eventful than our very own. The normal ‘A’ list celebrity may possess a private jet, several plush qualities in a variety of desirable locations all over the world and also have a garage filled with sports cars while rubbing shoulders along with other big names, and that is that so known as “celebrity high existence” which everybody is fascinated with and desire to.

But there also appears to become some jealousy involved, and therefore gossip magazines appear to enjoy the misfortunes of celebrities – delighting in highlighting their bad fashion tastes, wrinkles or plastic surgery.

Celebrity culture manifests itself in through great shape of media celebrity news magazines, gossip rags, tabloids, Radio and tv interviews, internet forums, not to mention in day-to-day conversation among ourselves and although modern communication has facilitated the propagation of gossip on a better and faster scale than in the past, the culture of celebrity worship includes a lengthy history.

1000’s of years ago, fame was acquired through leadership, bravery in fight, or perhaps a sporting deed. A few of the first celebrities were Greek Olympic champions, and received the same as today’s red carpet treatment. TV would be a lengthy way removed from being invented, however the equivalent prestige was acquired via commissioning hymns of praise to become discussed them by famous poets, which may then be practiced within their honor. Later ever, when theatre grew to become the most popular media, actors and playwrights for example Shakespeare were the vehicles for celebrity status.

Penry Maxx
the authorPenry Maxx