Nobody would have been prepared for such a thing


Mark Karpeles has led Mt. Gox into the abyss and swept away millions worth of foreign assets. He made mistakes that cost other people a lot of money. However, he does not deserve the hatred that hits him at the moment. Because hardly anyone has done as much for Bitcoin as he has. And nobody can say they did better. A brief history of what was once the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world.

Many leading figures in the Bitcoin economy were in a hurry this week to put a lot of distance between themselves and Mark Karpeles. According to the joint statement of some companies, the matter is as clear as Lake Mashu on Hokkaido: There was once a man named Mark Karpeles who happened to run the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world without being in the least qualified. Mt. Gox is, mind you: “the worst managed company in the world”. This is what Roger Ver, also known as Bitcoin Jesus, said about two months after he had confirmed in a video that Mt. Gox was liquid.

The opinion of the majority of Bitcoin is similar -Scene from, especially those who, despite all the month-long warnings, still had bitcoins or money on Mt. Gox when the exchange went offline. Mark Karpeles, this incompetent dilettante, who has thrown a self-running gold mine, namely the largest Bitcoin exchange in the world, into the abyss with the greatest possible clumsiness, should be behind bars for as long as possible, and then in debt for the rest of his life drown. Mind you, this is the nice version.

All of this may be understandable and also justified, and of course Mark Karpeles made mistakes, perhaps even more than is known so far. But as long as it is not certain that he has cheated, Karpeles is not a criminal, but an entrepreneur who failed because of his own success. He did one of the toughest jobs in the world for three years, giving more to Bitcoin than anyone. He has led Mt. Gox, this incredible company, through what would be an understatement to describe as stormy. Interesting facts and general information can be studied on site, there is also a lot of different information in the whole crypto world.

Penry Maxx
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