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Chess is a game of unfathomable beauty – a competitive game with unsurmountable tension, and a test of one’s intellect. Nearly everyone who plays the game wants to get better at it, one way or the other. While, at first glance, it may look like a game that favours certain people, for example, people with exceptional spatial intelligence, this is not the case.  Just like any other game or sport, you have to know how the game is decently played. If you don’t, then even looking 15 moves ahead is bound to not work sometimes.

This brings me to the first tip:

Understand the theory:

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Watch professional games:

This is something that I highly advise. Watching certain games will introduce you to new ideas, game plans, and complicated positions. Access to this is not difficult, you can find numerous videos made on remarkable matches on YouTube. If you’re a big fan of playing offensively, then I recommend watching games of Mikhail Tal, Garry Kasparov, and Bobby Fischer. If you’re slightly more reserved and love to play more of a positional game, then watching the games of Anatoly Karpov and Capablanca is recommended. If playing defensively is your main style, then Tigran Petrosian’s matches have much to offer!

Solve puzzles:

You can play plenty of games, you can watch a diversity of matches, and you can learn a lot of theory, but an essential component of getting better at chess is to solve puzzles. Make this your routine if you want to make excellent use of the time spent in practice. Although there may be trillions upon trillions of positions on a simple board with 64 squares, there are only a handful of positions to take note of if compared to the gargantuan number of total possibilities. Solving puzzles is a good way to familiarize yourself with these handful of positions that can undoubtedly help you in real games.

Play more games:

The previous tips can only get you so far. Of course, the main course of action to take to get better at chess is to play more games. Only by playing more games, you’ll recognize certain patterns, you’ll get to know which positions are good and bad, and you’ll get your game instincts developed.

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